Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Removal Requires Specialized Equipment

Removing mold and mold spores from a home or business requires specialized equipment. Mold spores are invisible and can pass right through a regular vacuum cleaner. At SERVPRO of Manteca 209-823-8877 we use HEPA filtered vacuums which trap mold spores resulting in a clean building ready to re-occupy!

Crawlspaces and Mold

If your home has a crawlspace it can be affected by water intrusion and possible mold. In winter months heavy rains can bring excessive ground water under your home. If left for long periods of time, the excess humidity can create ideal conditions for mold to grow. You should inspect your crawlspace regularly and if you notice any odors or extra moisture call SERVPRO of Manteca at 209-823-8877

Mold Growth

Mold can begin growing within a few days of a water loss, as long as the structure stays wet it can continue to spread. When a roof leak occurs and the ceiling drywall gets wet, mold can grow from the top down then appear on the ceiling below. Call SERVPRO of Manteca the next time you see mold on your ceilings

Mold Remediation

Even in the dry climate of the valley, mold can be a problem. When not found and taken care of quickly it can pose a health problem for your family.  We are equipped to handle your mold problems.